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Annual Impact Report 2018

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When I talk with the families we support, I am always struck by how much they appreciate the small gestures and simple moments we help make possible through our Programs. A cup of tea with one of our volunteers after a hard day at the hospital, a home-cooked meal that means they don’t have to worry about dinner, or a thoughtfully placed book for their child to read at bedtime.

While these may seem so simple, for a family whose life has been turned upside down by their child’s illness, these small gestures become meaningful moments - and I am so proud that over the last year we have been able to make them possible for over 57,000 families. Through generous support and fundraising across the entire RMHC system that reached $33.9 million in 2018 we look back on so many highlights.

We were thrilled to open our second largest Ronald McDonald House at The Children’s Hospital Campus Westmead. Not long after opening, its 60 rooms were already operating at full capacity.

Another proud moment was the opening of our 18th Ronald McDonald House in North Fitzroy. This iconic building increased the number of families the charity assists each night to 475. The North Fitzroy House alone services families from several hospitals across Melbourne and has substantially reduced the waiting lists for the existing Monash and Parkville Houses in Victoria.

Furthermore, it was a huge year for us in Western Australia as we radically increased our Programs and facilities with three major openings. We are proud to be able to help so many more families in need with a new Ronald McDonald House and a new Ronald McDonald Family Room inside the Perth Children's Hospital and a Ronald McDonald Family Retreat in Busselton.

There are thousands of dedicated volunteers and staff across the country who work every day to be there for the families. While hosting our very first Volunteer Conference this year, we were able to celebrate some of the faces of the caring people who represent the heart of our charity on a day to day basis.

What is striking about all of the amazing families which we have been privileged to help is that beyond needing a roof over their head and a home away from home, they gain so much positivity from the people they meet along the way. We even hear about siblings who look forward to their stays with us despite their trying circumstances.

2018 was certainly a very busy and successful year made possible by the generous support of our donors and fundraising efforts. Expectations are high for 2019 and more than ever we will be seeking funds to ensure we can continue to meet the ever changing needs of seriously ill children and their families.

I want to take a moment to extend my thanks to you for all you have done to contribute. I’m excited to see what a difference we can make in the year ahead.

Barbara Ryan
CEO, RMHC Australia

“2018 was certainly a very busy and successful year made possible by the generous support of our donors and fundraising efforts."

RMHC National Board

  • **Andrew Gregory,** Chair

    Andrew Gregory, Chair

  • **Barbara Ryan,** CEO

    Barbara Ryan, CEO

  • **Glenn Baker,** Director

    Glenn Baker, Director

  • **Tim Banks,** Director

    Tim Banks, Director

  • **Barry Fitzgerald,** Director

    Barry Fitzgerald, Director

  • **Mark Holton,** Director

    Mark Holton, Director

  • **Stephen Jermyn,** Director

    Stephen Jermyn, Director

  • **Emma Napoli-Hala,** Director

    Emma Napoli-Hala, Director

  • **Nicole Taylor,** Director

    Nicole Taylor, Director

  • **Carolyn Townsend,** Director

    Carolyn Townsend, Director

  • **Les White,** Director

    Les White, Director

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